Two Lovers: Statue

Two Lovers Point / Puntan Dos Amantes

Two Lovers Point

Stories of ill-fated lovers are popular across cultures.

  • Shakespeare gives us Romeo and Juliet.
  • The French gave us Tristan and Iseult.
  • In America, we have Luke and Laura.

Here on Guam, we have The Two Lovers.

Two Lovers Point: The Story In A Nutshell

Set during Guam’s Spanish Era (1565 – 1898), the story centers on the fate of a beautiful girl: her father, a Spanish aristocrat; her mother, the daughter of a Chamorro chief.

The aristocrat promises his daughter’s hand in marriage to a Spanish captain. She, distraught, runs away and later falls in love with a poor local boy.

Unable to win her father’s approval, the girl runs away with the boy. They are pursued by Spanish soldiers to what is now called Two Lovers Point.

Realizing that their love is doomed, the two bind together their long, black hair into a single knot and leap to their deaths.

Two Lovers Point: The Site Today

The site has been built up and features a gift shop, refreshment stand, and several areas where you can get married. Access to the cliff is restricted to paying customers. The fee is nominal and well worth it for the stunning views of Tumon Bay. At the time of our visit, a discount was offered for people with local i.d.

Two Lovers Point: Directions 

Getting to Two Lovers Point is easy by car. The road is almost directly across from the Micronesia Mall.

Two Lovers: Map

Two Lovers Point: Worth It?


Two Lovers Point: Links


Two Lovers: Tumon ViewTwo Lovers: StatueTwo Lovers: Entrance Two Lovers: Locks

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