Chief Quipuha Park

Chief Quipuha holds the distinction of having been the first adult baptized into Catholicism on Guam. He also holds the distinction of having one of the most impressive statues in one of the least convenient locations. Chief Quipuha Park: Directions The park is easily located at Paseo Loop at the intersection of Highway 1 (Marine Corps Drive) and Highway 4. (Note: If you’re heading south … Continue reading Chief Quipuha Park

The Statues at Pigo Catholic Cemetery

Soon after arriving on Guam, you’ll see that Catholicism plays a big part in the local culture. “Family” is considered first and foremost in traditional Chamorro culture- something strongly supported by the Catholic Church. Socially, this is exemplified by annual village fiestas held by local villages. Each honors that village’s particular patron saint. The statues at Pigo Catholic Cemetery, depicting Jesus Christ and the 12 … Continue reading The Statues at Pigo Catholic Cemetery