The Statues at Pigo Catholic Cemetery

Soon after arriving on Guam, you’ll see that Catholicism plays a big part in the local culture. “Family” is considered first and foremost in traditional Chamorro culture- something strongly supported by the Catholic Church. Socially, this is exemplified by annual village fiestas held by local villages. Each honors that village’s particular patron saint. The statues at Pigo Catholic Cemetery, depicting Jesus Christ and the 12 … Continue reading The Statues at Pigo Catholic Cemetery

Saint Joseph Catholic Church

Saint Joseph Catholic Church is a lovely little church on the southern tip of the island of Guam. It displays a simple mix of both Spanish and Chamorro style. Saint Joseph Catholic Church: Directions It’s right on Highway 4. You can’t miss it. Google Maps Saint Joseph Catholic Church: Map Saint Joseph Catholic Church: Worth It? If you’re into churches, then yes, it’s worth it … Continue reading Saint Joseph Catholic Church