The License Plate Game

Back in the day before GPS and satellite communication, before cars had video, and before children had iDevices, road-tripping parents had to engage in some creative thinking if they wanted to stem the tide of “Are we there yet?” and “I have to go to the bathroom!” from the back seat. For my parents, that involved the License Plate Game. The rules were simple: Spot … Continue reading The License Plate Game

“Not your good shorts!” My mother’s voice echoed in my head as I dressed for my morning walk. My inner child stopped mid-grab and I remembered my youth when, as a family of modest means, we had good clothes and everyday clothes. Good clothes were reserved for school and church. Everyday clothes were for everything else. Good clothes were handled with care, laundered promptly, and … Continue reading

Observations on FestPac 2016

FestPac (held every four years) is an event which brings together people from islands across the Pacific to celebrate their culture and exchange ideas. This year, the 12th annual FestPac was held here on Guam and it was awesome! The performances were outstanding, and probably the most popularly attended events, but there were also literary/poetry readings, and wood carving, weaving, tattooing, and blacksmithing demonstrations. You … Continue reading Observations on FestPac 2016

Archbishop Felixberto C. Flores Statue

Situated at a prime location on the route between Tumon and Guam Premier Outlets stands a statue of Archbishop Felixberto C. Flores. You can’t miss it. Born in 1921, Flores was the first archbishop of Guam. He died in 1985. This statue was paid for/erected by the local Filipino community. And it’s quite impressive. He faces the village of Tumon, with a commanding view of … Continue reading Archbishop Felixberto C. Flores Statue

Snake Island? Not so much.

When we first learned that we’d be moving to Guam, cursory research turned up a lot of articles on the Brown Tree Snake and how the island is “overrun” with them. Not so much. I’m not here to dispute the fact that this invasive species has pretty much decimated the local bird population or to suggest what should be done about it. What I am … Continue reading Snake Island? Not so much.

It’s a jungle out there

When you’re coming to Guam for any length of time, it’s a good idea to hook up with somebody who has base privileges. Reports vary, but it’s estimated the U.S. military controls about 30% of the land here. There are two major military bases and several smaller installations. As a civilian, you won’t be able to get there by yourself. While all the beaches/swimming spots … Continue reading It’s a jungle out there