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Keep your eyes peeled and you’ll continually find things you never knew you needed. Or hope to never need. Case in point: Disposable Men’s Panties! Ha! A)  I’ve known people for whom the word “panties” makes their skin crawl. B) I don’t think I’ve ever heard the word “panties” used to describe men’s underwear. C) The brand is Hi Jean. “Hi Jean” = hygiene. Get … Continue reading Filed under: Things I hope I’ll never need

Going to the Movies on Guam

As of this writing, there are three cinemas open to the public: Guam Regal Megaplex 14, Tamuning Micronesia Mall Stadium Theatres, Dededo Agana Shopping Center, Agana There are movie theaters on the military bases, but generally, those are open only to the military and civilian staffers. If you’re among those groups, you’ll have other resources for finding out about them. Google Maps Often, you’ll find that … Continue reading Going to the Movies on Guam

A trip to The Home Depot

If you get to feeling isolated by island life, it’s nice to find a little slice of stateside. For us today that meant a visit to The Home Depot (THD). Back in North Carolina, or Maine, or Michigan for that matter, we took The Home Depot for granted – it’s everywhere, usually close, and really well stocked with merchandise. This is especially good for us as we … Continue reading A trip to The Home Depot