Observations on FestPac 2016

FestPac (held every four years) is an event which brings together people from islands across the Pacific to celebrate their culture and exchange ideas. This year, the 12th annual FestPac was held here on Guam and it was awesome! The performances were outstanding, and probably the most popularly attended events, but there were also literary/poetry readings, and wood carving, weaving, tattooing, and blacksmithing demonstrations. You … Continue reading Observations on FestPac 2016

Going to the Movies on Guam

As of this writing, there are three cinemas open to the public: Guam Regal Megaplex 14, Tamuning Micronesia Mall Stadium Theatres, Dededo Agana Shopping Center, Agana There are movie theaters on the military bases, but generally, those are open only to the military and civilian staffers. If you’re among those groups, you’ll have other resources for finding out about them. Google Maps Often, you’ll find that … Continue reading Going to the Movies on Guam