The License Plate Game

Back in the day before GPS and satellite communication, before cars had video, and before children had iDevices, road-tripping parents had to engage in some creative thinking if they wanted to stem the tide of “Are we there yet?” and “I have to go to the bathroom!” from the back seat. For my parents, that involved the License Plate Game. The rules were simple: Spot … Continue reading The License Plate Game

Snake Island? Not so much.

When we first learned that we’d be moving to Guam, cursory research turned up a lot of articles on the Brown Tree Snake and how the island is “overrun” with them. Not so much. I’m not here to dispute the fact that this invasive species has pretty much decimated the local bird population or to suggest what should be done about it. What I am … Continue reading Snake Island? Not so much.

The Coconut Rhinoceros Beetle on Guam

Much like the devastating effect the Brown Tree Snake has had on the bird population here on Guam, the Coconut Rhinoceros Beetle is doing a number on some of the palms. Apparently it takes root in the top of coconut palm trees and lays its eggs there. So if you’re wondering why it looks like some of them got lopped off, that’s why. Hopefully the … Continue reading The Coconut Rhinoceros Beetle on Guam

Filed under: Things I hope I’ll never need

Keep your eyes peeled and you’ll continually find things you never knew you needed. Or hope to never need. Case in point: Disposable Men’s Panties! Ha! A)  I’ve known people for whom the word “panties” makes their skin crawl. B) I don’t think I’ve ever heard the word “panties” used to describe men’s underwear. C) The brand is Hi Jean. “Hi Jean” = hygiene. Get … Continue reading Filed under: Things I hope I’ll never need