It’s a jungle out there

When you’re coming to Guam for any length of time, it’s a good idea to hook up with somebody who has base privileges.

Reports vary, but it’s estimated the U.S. military controls about 30% of the land here. There are two major military bases and several smaller installations. As a civilian, you won’t be able to get there by yourself.

While all the beaches/swimming spots here are pretty spectacular, the ones on the military bases are marked by their overall cleanliness and seclusion.

One such spot is at Orote Point which is located at Navy Base Guam. Getting there on foot requires that you go down the Spanish Steps, which can be a little intimidating for novice hikers, and through the jungle.


This was my first real hike through the jungle since we’ve been here and it was pretty spectacular. You’re surrounded by heavy lush vegetation and more than a few mosquitoes. (This was the first time in eight months here that I’ve really been bothered by bugs!)

I also saw some baby Coconut Crabs. Alas, no snakes or monitor lizards.

Once you get there though, it’s beautiful and quiet and perfect for a secluded afternoon swim.

Reminder: Take your swim shoes as the water here can be shallow in areas and the coral can be sharp!

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