Embrace the Spam®

I remember eating Spam as a kid.

In retrospect, we probably didn’t have a lot of money at the time. And Spam was probably cheap. And my dad was probably exposed to it during his military service.

We didn’t think much about it as children. It was Spam, it was soft and salty, and we had it every once in a while along with powdered milk and Kool-Aid®.

Then we grew up and learned somehow that Spam has a reputation. “Ewww!” So it dropped out of the diet and off my radar.

Until we moved to Guam.


I took the photo above at a local Cost U Less. Essentially, that’s the equivalent of Costco here on Guam, but there’s no membership required.

I’ve come to learn that Spam is available in a variety of flavors including Teriyaki!

And they love it here!

I’ve seen it incorporated into breakfast omelettes (tried it, it’s pretty much like I remember), and into the menu of some family-oriented restaurants.

So… you never know.


Spam official: http://www.spam.com/


2 thoughts on “Embrace the Spam®

  1. I’ve always liked Spam – I mostly remember eating it on camping trips (really excellent when browned over a fire). My mom also made a spam and fried rice dish that I still crave occasionally, but haven’t had in 30 years. Recently a friend’s 50th birthday party featured grilled Spam and pineapple kabobs – ironically, a nod to her Hawaiian heritage. *I* loved them!


  2. I was told in Korea that when the GIs brought spam to the country, it literally saved dying families… And that spam is revered, enjoyed, and given in great baskets as a (dead serious) wedding present. It’s amazing to see what a difference perspective makes… Cheers!


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