A trip to The Home Depot

If you get to feeling isolated by island life, it’s nice to find a little slice of stateside. For us today that meant a visit to The Home Depot (THD).

Back in North Carolina, or Maine, or Michigan for that matter, we took The Home Depot for granted – it’s everywhere, usually close, and really well stocked with merchandise.

This is especially good for us as we came to Guam with little more than the clothes on our backs.

Here on Guam, we’ve not yet spotted any other kind of hardware store. Perhaps we’re not looking hard enough and I’m sure they’re out there. But THD is close to the airport. In fact, we drove right past it on the way to our hotel. Handy!

Some of the things we’ve found at The Home Depot:

  • Double-sided Velcro tape for securing lightweight items to cement/concrete block walls
  • Picture hooks
  • Terro for battling the ants that surface during dry weather

Reminder: Things here usually cost about 50% more than they do stateside.

Website: http://www.homedepot.com/l/Guam-Tamuning/GU/Tamuning/96913/1710

Where to find them: https://goo.gl/maps/cGLtB26yCux (Google Maps)

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