Chief Quipuha Park

Chief Quipuha holds the distinction of having been the first adult baptized into Catholicism on Guam. He also holds the distinction of having one of the most impressive statues in one of the least convenient locations.

Chief Quipuha Park: Directions

The park is easily located at Paseo Loop at the intersection of Highway 1 (Marine Corps Drive) and Highway 4. (Note: If you’re heading south on Marine Corps Drive, you won’t be able to turn left onto Highway 4- you’ll have to use Paseo Loop.) There is no parking for Chief Quipuha Park, you’ll have to park nearby and cross a street or two.

Chief Quipuha Park: Map


Google Maps

Chief Quipuha Park: Worth It?

There’s not much to the “park” besides Quipuah’s statue. Still, it’s impressive and absolutely worth a stop.

Chief Quipuha Park: Links

Wikipedia: Chief Quipuha Park

Wikipedia: Chief Kepuha

Guampedia: Kepuha: Quipuha

Hero or Traitor – Chief Kepuha of Guam

Chief Quipuha Park: Photos



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